Computer embroidery - what is it?

Computer embroidery is the classic and most noble method of decorating clothing. It consists in embroidering an inscription, symbol or logotype with the use of threads and a computer-controlled machine that has replaced handicraft today.

We can embroider literally anything and almost anything. Computer embroidery is successfully used on all kinds of textiles, creating unique corporate clothing. The clothing worn by the company's employees builds its identity, brand and sense of community. All employees, like footballers in uniform uniforms, play in one team.

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Computer embroidery can also be successfully used to create gadgets and advertising clothes. Embroidered logo and company name on T-shirts and sweatshirts can be a good gift for customers. By wearing our promotional clothing, they will promote our brand.

computer embroidery

However, computer embroidery is not only used on clothing. You can also embroider by computer on caps, bags, towels, bathrobes and workwear.

computer embroidery

Embroidered logos and inscriptions are much more durable than easily removable and peelable counterparts that are glued on, attached to clothing like an ordinary decal.

computer embroidery

Computer embroidery - the history of printing on advertising clothing

Already in antiquity, women embroidered patterns on clothes and tablecloths by hand.

embroidery they are often an element of culture and a symbol of a given region and nation. It is enough to recall the famous Kashubian or highlander embroidery, which are an inseparable element of folk costumes.

To stand out from the crowd in this way, as well as to graphically identify teams of people, were quickly used by marketing and PR specialists. The customer treats an employee dressed in a properly selected outfit differently. For example, just as pilots, policemen and soldiers are respected in their elegant uniforms, employees of other industries are perceived completely differently in uniform and distinctive outfits. No wonder many companies have decided to invest in unique uniforms. Thanks to this, their employees can feel like one team, playing together for the same purpose.

Embroidery also means gadgets and advertising clothes. Everyone likes gifts, freebies or prizes. If he gets a bag, a cap or a T-shirt with an emblem of a company, he will definitely wear it, thus advertising the brand.

Economic development and globalization made the demand for embroidery grow every year. Fortunately, the advancement of computer techniques has contributed to the exponential growth of opportunities. Currently, embroidering inscriptions and patterns on various types of clothes and accessories is now fast, precise, accurate, repeatable and cheap. Today, thousands of embroideries can be performed without any problems and in a short time to meet even the greatest expectations.

computer embroidery

How to make computer embroidery?

Computer embroidery - technology of embroidering inscriptions on clothing

Modern machines are equipped with dozens of needles and threads of different colors. The sewing process is managed by a computer program. Based on the uploaded design, the machine sews appropriate letters and shapes.

How to design embroidery, patches

It is enough to decide in which place or places of the item you want the embroidery to be. In addition, you need to choose its design and size. Most often, inscriptions with an appropriate typeface and logos of companies and institutions are printed. The pattern should be sent with the order, and our specialists will help to adapt it to the needs of a computer sewing machine.

computer embroidery

Advantages of computer embroidery

Appearance is something that definitely distinguishes clothing with embroidered emblems. Carefully made embroidery gives things a new quality. It is felt to the touch, simply stylish. Computer embroidery gives clothing and accessories style and elegance, and the brand advertised by it gains prestige. Imagine two T-shirts, one with a carefully embroidered company logo and the other with advertising foil stuck to it. Such an image brings to mind the juxtaposition of an elegant, elegant Mercedes next to a plastic and cheap date.

Consequently, the durability of computer embroidery is incomparably better than that of its competitors. Embroidery has almost the same durability as the clothes it decorates. There is no need to worry that the emblem or inscription will peel off in washing or ironing. Computer embroidery is an integral part of clothing, and not only an easily removable, non-permanent accessory whose appearance quickly degrades.

Computer embroidery can be of almost any color. The only limitation is the color of the thread used. Embroidering is performed with surgical precision thanks to computer control.

Embroidery can be highly personalized. Computer technology allows for precise, repeatable and high-resolution embroidering of patterns, symbols and inscriptions.

With higher volumes, embroidery simply pays off economically. Its price is relatively low, making it ideal for decorating all kinds of clothes - shirts, t-shirts, polos, pants, shorts - as well as towels, hats and bags.

computer embroidery

Disadvantages of computer embroidery

Contrary to ordinary, full-surface computer printing, it is impossible to embroider a complete image with an unlimited color palette. However, this is not what it is all about. Embroidery is a reference to tradition, an embodiment of nobility, as it is associated with coats of arms decorating the clothing of high society. It has nothing to do with kitschy, colorful and cheesy paintings.

Computer embroidery on low-quality fabrics with a low basis weight cannot be embroidered. It is assumed that the grammage of textiles should exceed 190 g / m2. However, it's hard to even imagine an embroidered logo on a cheap T-shirt so thin that everything shows through it.

Computer embroidery - popular products and advertising clothing

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Polo shirts with an embroidered pattern

computer embroidery

The first association with embroidery? T-shirt with a collar and a beautifully embroidered logo on the chest. The combination of elegance and wearing comfort. Make people happy to wear such t-shirts with the logo of your company or institution.

T-shirts with embroidered company logo and inscriptions

Ready to wear every day. Let your employees or customers advertise your brand wearing short sleeves decorated with your logo or an inscription encouraging them to use your company's services.

T-shirts with print

A high-quality t-shirt and a computer-embroidered pattern or inscription is a perfect combination that allows you to stand out from the crowd of Chinese advertising t-shirts with low-quality and durable print.

Sweatshirts with an embroidered pattern

computer embroidery

A classic hoodie can also advertise your product or brand. Embroider your password, name and / or logo on the sweatshirt.

Computer embroidery on fleece

Do you want your employees to be warm and at the same time visually identify the company with their clothes? Or maybe you want to create excellent quality promotional clothing for your company? Computer embroidered fleece is a great choice.

Shirts with computer embroidery

More formal and elegant? Make your employees serve customers in elegant attire with an embroidered company logo. Choose computer embroidery on shirts.

Printed pants and shorts

computer embroidery

Not only the upper garment is perfect for embroidering an inscription or pattern. Embroider on pants or shorts to create unique promotional clothing.

Computer embroidery on caps

computer embroidery

It's hard to imagine baseball caps without the embroidered logo of your favorite team, graduated university or brand name. Make the logo of your institution or company eye-catching. Embroider them on caps.

Towels and bathrobes with an embroidered image and an inscription

Nothing will distinguish a hotel and SPA as much as branded towels and bathrobes. Turn nameless, boring towels into a unique item that emphasizes the luxury of your brand. It is prestige for you, but also a sense of luxury for your guests.

Bags with computer embroidery

How to easily mark a bag with the name and logo of the company? Computer embroidery works great. Inexpensively and quickly, an ordinary bag can turn into a distinguishing feature of your company.

Warning clothing and computer embroidery

Workwear also works great as a carrier for computer embroidery. Name, function, company name and logo - embroider on the coverall or other specialized element of work and high-visibility clothing.

Computer embroidery - how much does it cost?

Computer embroidery is relatively cheap. However, it is difficult to precisely specify the price of a single stitching, as this cost is influenced by many parameters.

Computer embroidery will be cheaper individually for larger orders. The price is also influenced by the size of the area to be embroidered, the type of embroidery itself, the density of the pattern on the surface, the number of needle strokes per cm.2 material, as well as the number of places where the embroidery should be placed on the item.

The price is usually not influenced by the number of colors used, as the sewing machine has many threads.

We invite you to individual valuation of projects. Please send us the graphics you want to embroider and information about the number of pieces to be made.

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