Freezer gloves

Freezer gloves

Freezer gloves are a very important part of the equipment for freezers and cold stores. The hands are often exposed to direct contact with goods and equipment. They are often subject to frostbite due to exposed surfaces and the action of low temperatures, wind often occurring with high humidity. Frostbite usually begins with reddening of the skin, because blood circulation is accelerated to warm up the cooled parts. The next symptoms are pain, itching, and the feeling of swelling hands. The degree of frostbite depends on the time and conditions,
in which the skin was exposed to the negative effects of low temperature. Gloves are the perfect protection against low temperatures, and allow you to perform your duties freely. Gloves freezer high-quality products allow you to protect your hands from frostbite, which is why our store offers only high-quality products from the recommended manufacturers.

Coldstore gloves for freezers and cold rooms

POLAR RANGE COLDSTORE GLOVES gloves for freezing and cold storage

Gold Freeze XTREME COLDSTORE gloves

Gloves for freezers and cold rooms TG2 XTREME COLDSTORE GLOVES

A wide selection of professional gloves makes customers willing to buy products not only gloves, but also the entire range of clothing for freezers and cold stores, choosing from trousers, jackets or shoes. Fleece Drivers thermal gloves is a product that meets the EN388 standards. The orange TG1 Pro Coldstore gloves are a product with a Thinsulate lining. The model of Arctic Gold Coldstore gloves or Eisbaer Freezer gloves that meet the requirements of EN 511 / EN 388 - these are selected products from our offer. All types of gloves have been described in detail to make the selection as easy as possible.

Refrigerator gloves

Fleece Drivers thermal gloves

Attractive prices and high quality

Our company supplies processing plants, warehouses, cold stores, logistics companies, and this is what generates large orders products. Thanks to this, we were able to work out attractive discounts at our producers, resulting in competitive prices for customers. Additionally high quality of products makes many satisfied customers return to us, and this allows us to keep the purchase prices from our contractors at a low level.

For most of the clothing and textiles, we can mark with any graphics, we make a logo using the method computer embroidery or screen printing. We have our own machine park, which allows us to follow the marking process at its every stage.

Gloves for freezers and cold rooms TG1 PRO COLDSTORE