Sweatshirtsright next to it trousers i T-shirtsare the basic set of employee clothing in many industries. A wide range of models available from ours shop enables the selection of a product depending on its purpose or user preferences.

Sweatshirts for work and every day with your own graphics

The offered models are made of high-quality materials, whose task is the highest possible resistance to its operation and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Sweatshirts are the basic equipment of representatives of many industries, incl. construction, production or logistics. They owe their versatile use to practical properties - apart from providing warmth against wind or cold, they also allow more freedom of movement than jackets while securing private clothing.

We offer models for all seasons adapted to different weather conditions or transitional jumpers for the spring or autumn period.


Work shirts

We offer you work jackets at different prices depending on the model - from the most basic to enriched with a special purpose.

They are mostly made of polyester, which provides greater thermal insulation, and thus much more freedom of movement than classic work jackets.

Additionally, most models have stand-up collars for thermal insulation and practical pockets with zippers. We offer sweatshirts in various colors, with long and short sleeves, as well as with character warning with reflective elements.

Reflective clothing it will suitably work for road workers, construction workers or those working after dark.



Work shirts companies such as Rice or Stedman made of fabrics resistant to intensive use.

In order to protect the elements exposed to abrasion, special protective elements were sewn into selected models. Also, some styles have been enriched with vents to minimize sweating during intense exercise.

Most models have comfortable welts at the waist and wrists to protect against damage to private clothing or dirt.

On sale are: fleece jackets, work jackets, polypropylene jackets, warning jackets, sweaters.

Personalization for greater prestige

Many customers appreciate it individuality and personalization, especially if employees perform a representative function in contacts with potential contractors and clients.

Work shirts with imprint are more and more common because it is the equivalent of a cheap form of advertising. With this in mind, consider a high-quality marking method that is resistant to damage, color loss and high temperature wash. That is why we recommend it for solid personalization computer embroidery.

computer embroidery