Freezer coveralls

overalls freezer is clothing dedicated to work in conditions where the temperature drops down to -40 degrees C. These are high-quality products, sewn with great care, which have already proven themselves in many companies. Appreciated for their functionality, they are chosen by customers from various countries. Often purchased in combination with shoes and gloves. We also recommend thermoactive underwearwhich will perfectly complement the body's protection against low temperatures.

Coverall freezer and refrigerator

Coldstore CS-12 cold store coverall

Professional freezer coveralls with certificates

At, we offer professional freezer and cold store coveralls, which are distinguished by functionality and contemporary design. The most popular model is Coldstore CS-12 ensuring safety and comfort of work with the highest possible security.

The one-piece swimsuit has reflective stripes for better visibility.

This model has zippers in the legs and half-gloves at the mockups. The costume holds certificateThanks to which it can be used in places where the temperature reaches -40 degrees Celsius, protecting against contact and convection cold. The Coldstore CS-12 model consists of a breathable polyester outer fabric with stain- and water-repellent properties. From the COLDSTROE series, we also offer the COLDSTORE CS10 jacket and the COLDSTORE CS11 pants.

Freezer and refrigerator coveralls with reflectors protecting up to -83,3 ° C

Protective coverall for freezers or cold stores HI-GLO 40 protection up to -83,3 ° C

Professional assortment for professional companies

The models we offer have detailed descriptions. Additionally, in the Hi-Glo 40 model, we have provided a certificate confirming compliance with the UNE-EN 342: 2004 / AC: 2008 standard. The mentioned model has 340 g of thermal insulation, the outer material is nylon, and the inside is made of polyester, while the collar contains 280 g of fleece polyester. Customers can check what the products are made of, what temperatures it is intended for and what weight the product has. The suits have been designed so that they can be used for several years and do not obstruct movements at work as much as possible.

If in doubt, please contact our customer service department, who will be happy to help you choose the right clothing for the freezer and cold store. We also offer jackets, pants, shoes, gloves.