DTG print, marking from one piece

DTG printing - possibility of printing from one piece

DTG printing is one of the newest methods of marking clothing and accessories. The DTG technique allows you to apply any graphics to cotton fabric or cotton with an admixture of elastane / viscose. Graphics are created using a special printer. The equipment we have in our machine park is the latest printer model Brother GTXpro Bulkwhich, thanks to industrial heads, quickly prints directly onto the material. DTG printing enables perfect color reproduction with color transitions. Printing is possible without the need to prepare a project from just one piece.

Profiled cotton masks, DTG print, any logo

Profiled cotton masks, women's and men's sizes, with the possibility of any printing or company logo

Printing on DTG full color clothing

Printing on masks and accessories using the DTG method with any logo for employees

The durability of DTG printing depends on several elements. First of all, the model and its parameters - the newer the equipment, the more better quality and efficiency. Other factors affecting durability are the types of paints used, the fabric on which the print is made and the skills of the worker.
Our Brother GTXpro Bulk printer makes it possible print with maximum dimensions of 40,6 cm x 53,3 cm. Thanks to the reduction of costs and maintenance time, it is possible to prepare the machine for printing faster and reduce the number of interruptions in work. The optimal head height not only stops the printing process when the feeder is dangerously close to the head, but is also sensitive to too large a distance between the head and the feeder, which always guarantees high print quality. New, improved white ink head with increased number of nozzles provides a 10% faster print mode. This, in turn, translates into shorter order processing times for the customer.

DTG print ideal for mass-scale marking and limited editions

The new DTXpro Bulk printer is a flexible and extremely versatile model. It offers mass production functionality, making it ideal for large-scale order fulfillment.

STORES AND AGENCIES: GTXpro is an ideal solution for preparing an assortment for stores, advertising agencies, institutions, clubs and workplaces. DTG technology is flexible and compact. Thanks to it, you can expand your warehouse with personalized products such as T-shirts for everyone with his name, job title, advertising bagsand even shoes with your own artwork. Personalization it favors the identification of the user with the brand, which influences it positive image and confidence increase.

DTG full color printer, garment decoration

Printing on T-shirts using the DTG method is available from one piece

IDEAS FOR GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL GIFTS: Christmas, Easter, jubilees, professional successes, Mother's Day or Children's Day are just the most popular occasions to prepare occasional gifts. The more individual, personalized occasionally - the better the impression and definitely stronger position. Company gifts for employees or jubilee gifts as awards in competitions a great opportunity to warming the image. In turn, gifts, especially practical ones, such as towels on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company's existence or with the symbol of the award received for the company, will be a great gadget for partners and potential customers dla emphasize the company's position against the competition.
In turn, the possibility of printing from one piece opens the option to prepare an original gift for someone special on a special day. Individual relations honored with a gift created with the participation of one's own invention, and high quality, will leave pleasant memories for many years. GTXpro allows you to remain flexible in production, gives us the opportunity to react quickly and economically to changes in orders.

Black t-shirt 101 with photo

DTG printing does not require project preparation, which is one of its main advantages (as is the case with screen printing or computer embroidery). Its execution is possible directly from the client's file, which must be adjusted accordingly. It is possible to print from one piece, which allows you to perform test print before making a larger quantity. Also print a photo is possible, but it is important that it is in the highest resolution possible.

Printing a photo using the DTG method on a T-shirt

DURABILITY: It is a big advantage high durabilityif it is made on professional equipment. The use of new improvements for more economic operation allows for relatively low cost of printing. The material should be cotton or with an admixture of viscose, or elastane, but it is important not to be too stretchy.
Following the manufacturer's recommendations will allow us to enjoy the effect of our project for a long time.

The mask is printed with the DTG logo

Profiled cotton mask with DTG logo print

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