Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery is one of the most recognizable methods of marking clothing and textiles. It is due to its history dating back hundreds of years, where in antiquity women embroidered patterns on fabrics by hand.

Nowadays, embroidery is applied automatically using a computer-controlled machine on the basis of an embroidery program, which is individually created for each graphic design.

Smaller designs on textiles with a weight greater than that of a traditional t-shirt look best. Personalized clothing has many advantages. Such a product stands out from the competition, strengthens the company's image and builds a sense of community among the team in the case of workwear.

Computer embroidery on clothing

Computer embroidery is performed on clothing and textiles

Computer embroidery can boldly be used for the production of textile gadgets as well advertising clothing. Embroidered logo and company name on polówkach, bags or towels can be a good gift for customers or business partners. By using such clothing or advertising products, they will promote the brand.

In addition to clothing, embroidery is most often performed on products such as bags, hats, towels and bathrobes. The embroidered logo is definitely stronger and more resistant to exploitation than alternative methods of marking with stick-on graphics.

The tradition of computer embroidery

detention is a method of decoration known to antiquity, when women embroidered patterns on clothes, tablecloths and flags by hand. The elegance and durability of embroidery have made them an element of many cultures, as well as a symbol of some regions in the form of folk costumes and banners.

The high quality and durability of embroidery marking have also found application in modern advertising. Employees wearing clothing with the company's logo are often perceived as representatives of trustworthy and not anonymous companies. Also hotel textiles in the form of towels or bathrobes with a logo increase the prestige of the hotel.

Waiters and restaurateurs equipped with personalized gastronomic textiles such as aprons or aprons are also perceived as consistent with the brand, and thus inspire greater trust, which often translates into customer purchasing decisions. Embroidery is also advertising gadgets that are positively received.

Decorated gadgets in the form of bags, caps, T-shirts are often used in competitions organized by companies as part of its promotion or as freebies for customers.

machine park

Machine park for computer embroidery

Modern technology and current possibilities allow us to meet the growing market demand for products with embroidery. Thanks to modern machines, today it is possible to perform thousands of embroideries in a short time while maintaining the precision of the design. This economic development also translates into an attractive price for embroidery.

Computer embroidery - technology at our disposal

Modern machines consist of numerous needles on which the thread colors should be threaded. The embroidery process is managed by a computer program to which the design is uploaded. It is on our side to determine the appropriate place to apply the embroidery and its size. Embroidery is recommended for smaller projects, hence its popularity for printing logos, company names, institutions and schools.

Advantages and disadvantages of computer embroidery

The appearance of clothing with emblems is something that makes it stand out. Precisely made embroidery gives textiles a new quality and elegance, and the brand advertised by him gains in prestige. There is no need to worry that the graphics or text will peel off in the wash or after a long period of use.

Computer embroidery is an integral part of clothing, which gives it a significant advantage over other methods that peel off or create cavities by gradual chipping. Computer embroidery can be of almost any color. The only limitation is the color of the thread used.

Embroidering is performed with surgical precision thanks to computer control. The technique and precision of computer embroidery allows for high resolution of embroidered patterns. Embroidery simply pays off with large volumes.

An additional advantage is the one-time cost of preparing an embroidery program, which remains in our database for good. Therefore, in the future, if the customer returns to re-order clothing with the same design, he will be exempt from the program fee.

computer embroidery on textilescomputer embroidery on clothing

Computer embroidery also has disadvantages, but they can be avoided by selecting the appropriate marking method for the type of material and design. This is why it is advisable to contact professionals prior to commissioning your first marking to avoid potential defects.

Contrary to the full-surface computer printing, embroidery cannot be used to sew a complete graphic with an unlimited range of colors.

However, this is not what it is all about. Embroidery is a reference to tradition because it resembles coats of arms adorning noble clothing. It has nothing to do with kitschy, washable paintings.

Embroidery is not recommended to be embroidered on materials with a low grammage not exceeding 190 g / m2. Large embroidery will give the impression of a "shield", it will be inflexible during use, and when applied to a thin material - the needles may puncture such a thin material.   

Computer embroidery on low-quality fabrics with a low basis weight cannot be embroidered. It is assumed that the grammage of textiles should exceed 190 g / m2. However, it's hard to even imagine an embroidered logo on a cheap T-shirt so thin that everything shows through it.

How much does computer embroidery cost?

Computer embroidery is relatively economic. However, several factors play a role in an accurate valuation. Individually, embroidery is cheaper when ordering more products. In addition, the size of the embroidery and the complexity of the graphics have a large impact on the price, which translates into the valuation of embroidery density. The larger the embroidery, the more folds, combinations and the larger the size, the more dense the embroidery. Also, the number of places where the embroidery is to be placed (e.g. logo in the front on the left chest + logo in the middle of the back) is important for the unit pricing. The price is usually not influenced by the number of colors used, as the sewing machine has many threads. The cost of preparation should be added to the first embroidery order embroidery programwhich is already in our database and thus is not added to subsequent orders.