T-shirts with print

Modern computer embroidery It is used to decorate various types of fabrics and clothing, the personal one used at work and at all kinds of meetings.

Clothing with a print can be an advertising element and help in building your own brand. The computer print is placed on shirts, pants, sweatshirts, caps, protective and work clothing.

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The most common, however t-shirts with your own printwhich are very popular today, because they allow the implementation of individual, even the most original ideas for your own clothes. It is also an ideal solution for companies, associations, all organizations and individuals who want to use their own clothing with an individual logo or inscription on it.

T-shirts with print

Fashionable, modern and original in demand decorating fabrics and clothes can be done by the method computer embroidery. Signs and inscriptions made in this way are extremely durable and elegant at the same time, so they can be made on all kinds of clothing items for various purposes, including representative or advertising clothing.

Individually designed original patterns are created on textiles with the use of machine embroidery, which allows you to create an almost infinite number of signs in any color you choose.

Thanks to professional machines, you can create unique patterns on all types of clothing and various fabrics using the computer embroidery method.

This embroidery can also be successfully used to mark various types of T-shirts on which it should appear company logo or organization, an inscription or a distinctive hallmark.

This type of decoration is resistant even to frequent washing and intensive use of clothes and maintains vivid colors throughout the life of the garment. Computer embroidery It works very well on various types of fabrics, on cotton, synthetic fabrics, even on protective clothing or fleece.

Thanks to the use of modern technology of computer embroidery, it is possible to make an original, unique and permanent sign or inscription on various types of clothing, including various types of women's and men's, sports, work or everyday shirts.

T-shirts printed with computer embroidery characterized by the use of high-quality threads for embroidery, which guarantees the durability of the mark, even during intensive use of the garment and frequent washing, also at high temperature.

T-shirts with own imprint are always characterized by original design, which is the basis of success.

The men's t-shirts with prints, as well as women's t-shirts with prints, are the most sought after group of products, therefore this category of clothing occupies a special place in our offer.

Computer embroidery is used to decorate T-shirts. This type of decorating fabrics requires skill in creating embroidery patterns, because many elements must be taken into account during work, which will later guarantee a unique effect. Already during the preparation of the pattern, you should specify the density of the threads used to make the pattern, the material substrate on which the embroidery is to be made and the size of the sign.

The process of creating a computer print begins with the creation of a design and selection of colors, only then is the printing on the fabric.

Extensive experience in creating computer embroidery is a guarantee of a perfect end result, which can be seen when looking at, for example, printed sports t-shirts.

The wide range of colors of the threads and the appropriate surface of the embroidery allow you to make truly original prints. For example, funny t-shirts with prints can be created here, ordered for all kinds of special events and events.

Originally made patterns and inscriptions decorate not only sports shirts with their own print or polo shirts printed with computer embroidery, but also work and protective clothing.

We also carry out orders for printed football shirts.

computer embroidery

In addition to decorations made with traditional computer embroidery, we also produce T-shirts with 3D printing, allowing to emphasize the three-dimensional pattern, which creates an extremely interesting visual effect.

The offer of T-shirts with computer embroidery is addressed both to individuals, organizations, and companies that want to stand out with elegant clothing with a visible print of their own logo, company name or organization mark.

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