Dungarees they are one of the elements of workwear popular in mechanics, production plants or for employees of construction companies. They are often completed as health and safety clothing together with fleece and halfThey are actually used not only in the areas of official work, but also for private purposes.

The pants we offer in our offer are made of high-quality fabrics with an optimal grammage. Thanks to these features, they are resistant to washing at high temperatures, while maintaining their properties over time. The pants are equipped with elements for their adjustment: buttons and a belt with an elastic band, thus allowing them to be adapted to people with different body shapes. Additionally, they have sewn in adjustable suspenders.

Work trousers or dungarees with the possibility of any printing

Dungarees - a wide selection for the comfort of work

The assortment includes trousers for work in low temperatures in winter (unheated rooms, outdoor work). We also offer garments with reflective elements to ensure safety during work after dark or in public spaces.

Pants are the main element of work clothes

Dungarees they have comfortable pockets, some models are also equipped with additional pockets on the knees, which allow you to place in them inserts that increase comfort during work that requires prolonged kneeling on the knees.

Among the work trousers you will find many types depending on the working conditions and individual predispositions: waist-length, overalls, specialist and warning trousers.

In store assortment there are pants made with construction industry workers, fitters and gardeners in mind. However, their use is also perfect for private tasks such as gardening, as an outfit that protects everyday clothes against dirt, e.g. during home renovations, and largely protects against low temperature.

Give your company an individual character

Many companies appreciate it individuality and personalization, especially if employees play a representative role in contacts with potential contractors and customers. It is with them in mind that we offer the option of ordering them on trousers for a durable and elegant personalization computer embroidery. Embroidery is one of the most durable methods of marking, which is perfect for clothing that requires frequent washing.