Freezer pants

Freezer pants for special tasks

Freezer and cold store clothing is a wide selection of clothing that is perfect for difficult conditions. A proven assortment made of the best materials makes working in low temperatures safe and comfortable. Trousers freezer is one of the elements of specialist clothing for working in difficult working conditions.

Right next to the jackets and freezer boots is the most important part of the employee's equipment. On our store page, cold store clothing has been carefully categorized for faster and easier searching.

Freezer and cold store trousers

Insulated dungarees for protection against cold down to -45 ° C

Diverse selection

Freezer pants are available in sizes from S to 3XL, and their universal models are suitable for both women and men. Dungarees are the garment of choice for keeping more body warm while allowing freedom of movement.

The manufacturer offered various color variants (e.g. navy blue, green, blue) and models with small patterns in the form of colored stripes. A competitive price is the right solution for people looking for economical solutions, and when buying a larger quantity, there is a possibility of granting an additional discount.

Freezer pants, refrigerator with reflectors

Hi-Glo 25 Coldstore pants, protection down to -64 ° C

Freezer and cold store trousers - a safe choice

Pants for cold rooms and freezers made of carefully selected materials such as cotton or polyester, to protect against the cold even to -64 degrees C. Offered models have comfortable buttons, pockets, adjustable suspenders for greater comfort. Pants have certificates of conformity confirming their adaptation to work in low temperatures.

Additionally, if you want to personalize your clothes, you can easily order an assortment from computer embroidery or screen printing with your own graphics, company name, name or position. It is a perfect solution for those who want to create a coherent corporate image.

We offer own machine parkthis allows us to control the marking at every stage of the project and react immediately in the event of any modifications. Our experienced team will help in the selection of products and will provide a free marking evaluation.

computer embroidery