Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most popular marking methods most often chosen for advertising t-shirts, bluz or some advertising gadgets such as bags or caps. This type of print works best for large and flat surfaces as well as thin fabrics, unlike computer embroiderywhich is recommended for smaller graphics and materials that are slightly thicker and heavier.

Screen printing - ideal for large graphics on flat surfaces

Graphics, logos or inscriptions made with high-quality screen printing will be resistant not only to use, but also to washing at high temperatures. It is quite a cost effective method of marking in relation to its quality. For screen printing, a screen is used, where the paint is spread over the entire mesh with a doctor blade. The paint that hits the fabric binds permanently and soaks into it.

Our team offers any logo or inscription using screen printing.

Screen printing matrix

Matrix for screen printing

A wide range of screen printing colors

The main advantage of screen printing is the ability to create graphics in every color. When making a print on clothing, the graphics in w intense and expressive colors.

An additional advantage is the option of shading. The paints can be mixed with each other. Computer programs dedicated to the paint mixing process accurately calculate the grammage of the required pigment to make the most precise color that will be applied to the product.

Screen printing is resistant to washing, it can be washed in automatic washing machines with the spin option. The condition is the proper printing with all production processes and high-quality paints.

T-shirt with screen printing, any print

T-Shirt with screen-printed graphics

The price of screen printing depends on the circulation

The cost of screen printing depends on the effort. Therefore, it is best to choose it for large orders. The preparation of the matrix is ​​a fixed cost, independent of the effort.

Also, if we want to make a trial piece of an example T-shirt or bag, we should take into account the cost matrix preparation. In this printing method, each color is applied separately, through a separate screen.

It involves preparation a separate matrix for each color. However, it does not matter much with a lot of effort. It works very well with large orders for sports events, awards for competitions or numerous teams of employees.

The versatility of screen printing

Screen printing owes its popularity to its wide versatility, it can be used for marking cotton and plastic materials, and even for marking wood. Screen printing is most often chosen for clothing and advertising textiles. The prints are resistant to mechanical damage, sunlight and moisture.

We invite you to cooperate with us signature has many years of experience in marking advertising and work clothing. We have a wide range of products, and our team will be happy to help you choose and how to print.