Shirts is high-quality clothing that works well as clothing for active people, staff or students. T-shirts have been very popular for many years. Their universality and flexibility largely contributed to their popularization.

T-shirts can be used as both worker clothing and promotional product.

They are characterized by high versatility, which significantly expands the range of applications. The richness of the offer of T-shirts allows you to buy various variants, colors, patterns and, above all, sizes.

In addition to classic T-shirts, we have warning T-shirts eagerly chosen by representatives of logistics, shipping and construction companies.

We provide a wide variety of goods so that everyone can find a product that meets their own needs. We have models of various classes - standard and premium quality.

Thanks to their high quality, they will satisfy even the most demanding customers. As with the others products - T-shirts can be personalized with computer embroidery or screen printing.

At the same time, it should be remembered that in the case of embroidery, graphics with high density in a very small area are not recommended. From our side thanks to many years of experience and specialized service, you can get help in the most responsible variant.

We also provide competitive prices and fast order fulfillment. We invite you to get a free quote.


Optimum weight of the T-shirt

T-shirts and clothing, in order to be associated with quality and professionalism, should be durable and comfortable, especially when we want to put a company or club logo on them.

T-shirts in our store are made of heavyweight materials, which makes them resistant to damage.

Even repeated washing poses no risk. Clothing retains its original form for many weeks, which makes the investment in this product profitable.

T-shirts available in our shop made of high-quality materials that adapt to the user and allow him freedom of movement. The collection of T-shirts based on the ACTIVE-DRY technology deserves special attention. They work even in extreme conditions where there is a high risk of excessive sweating.

The careful finish of the materials, as well as the precision in detail, make it a garment that will work in many circumstances.

T-shirts are eagerly used as clothing for employees, especially in a set, e.g. with clothing items for colder seasons, such as e.g. fleece, but are also treated as a corporate gadget for customers or contractors.

Their use with embroidery is also applicable during various types of events or as a prize in competitions. It all depends on the concept of the brand. It is an economical way to ensure comfort for yourself and your recipients, and at the same time interest for the brand.


Aesthetic performance

The proposed T-shirts and T-shirts have been made with attention to detail.

The aesthetic finish of the materials makes it a garment that will work in many different industries. T-shirts adjust to the figure, but they do not restrict movement or cause discomfort.

Among the t-shirts there are models for men, women, children and universal - unisex. You only need to choose the right size. Reflective models are a special group of products, thanks to which it is possible to increase the level of safety in the workplace.

We are at your disposal in the selection and personalization of products. We have an advanced machine park that provides us with efficient work and high quality for our customers.

The full range of models can be purchased both in our online store or in our shop on Allegro "PRODUCER-BHP".

If you want to see our sample embroidery orders, please visit the tab about company.