Freezer jackets

Certified freezer jackets

Employee equipment in freezer jackets high-quality, safe, dedicated to work in low temperatures are a very important issue for employers. Choosing the right model is quite a challengeespecially if such products are not ordered frequently.

In our store, we offer the best quality models from reliable manufacturers involved in the production of specialized clothing.

Reflective freezer jackets with protection down to -64,2 ° C

Hi-Glo 25 Coldstore freezer jacket protection up to -64,2 ° C

Jackets freezer These models are available in various variants, what distinguishes them from each other is the design, price and purpose. Due to the specific purpose of their sewing, very good quality materials were used and precise finishes were used.

All this to tightly protect the employee and serve for many years. One of the most popular models is the Hi-Glo 25 Coldstore jacket providing protection down to -64,2 ° C (pictured), equipped with a modern, 5-layer system, designed to trap many layers of air.

The mentioned jacket meets the EN342 standard, which makes it possible to use it in warehouses with temperatures down to -64,2 ° C. However, the model of the jacket that we offer, which protects the most, protects in working conditions up to -83,3 ° C for 1 hour with medium activity, and down to -44,01 ° C for 8 hours with medium activity.

These values ​​apply if the jacket and trousers Hi-Glo 40 dungarees are worn together.

Cold store jacket for freezers and cold rooms, insulated working Coldstore protection up to -25 degrees C.

Coldstore CS-10 freezer jacket, protection up to -25 degrees C.

Adequate security

Our producers focused on the best quality and precise finish. Clothing compliant with the EN 342 standard provides excellent protection against very low temperatures. Operation in a cold environment is characterized by a temperature equal to or lower than -5 ℃. It is important not to let the clothes get wet - moisture or flooding can have an unpleasant consequence.

The freezer jackets available in various sizes mean that you can easily find clothes that are perfectly suited to you. The purchase of solid clothing is a profitable investment. Following the manufacturer's recommendations, it will serve the purpose for many years, which is confirmed by the owners of large companies and the users themselves.