There are many methods of decorating, newer techniques may confuse many people when faced with their choice. The decision on the type of marking depends on several factors. Determining the purpose of clothing or textiles for printing may help us choose a specific technique. Whichever method of marking you choose, embroidery stitching remains the most noble method.

The oldest method of decorating

Embroidery Known for thousands of years thanks to its universal form, it remains relevant all the time. As a result, the embroidered fabrics look very elegant and guarantee a much longer life than fabrics decorated with other techniques.

Computer embroidery with the logo on the cap

Cap with graphics made with computer embroidery

Decorations for every occasion

Our signature deals with making durable and effective decorations on work and advertising clothes, as well as hotel and catering textiles. We have our own machine park, which enables us to guarantee competitive prices and short delivery times.

We make every effort to complete each order. Our team will be happy to help you choose products and the method of decoration. We also offer a clothing packing service.

Computer embroidery

Execution computer embroidery requires the purchase of an embroidery program. This method is recommended for smaller graphics sizes. Once the embroidery program is purchased, it remains in our database for good, so when you come back to us with another order, you will not be charged for the preparation of the same program for the second time. It is an extremely elegant and timeless form of decoration.

It is a real hit for those who put durability in the first place. Featured had even years later it looks phenomenal. This will satisfy those who care about the image of their company. This type of printing is also recommended for frequently washed garments that are exposed to strong washing agents.

One of the methods of decorating - computer embroidery

The process of applying computer embroidery

Screen printing

Screen printing is a decoration technique in which the form of printing is a template applied on a dense mesh. The mesh can be made of metal or synthetic fiber. Making a copy consists of rolling the paint through the die. Making screen printing involves the purchase of a matrix for printing.

This is the perfect solution when you want to obtain the effect of juicy colors while maintaining precision and abrasion resistance. The completed project will look solid for many weeks or even months.

Each project is made according to individual customer requirements. Each time we adjust the product in terms of material and grammage as well as the location of the graphics in agreement with the client. Occasionally, we modify the design with the consent of the client to obtain the best effect.

Screen printing for clothing, any logo, graphics

Screen printing can be performed not only on clothing, but also on selected gadgets

Direct printing by DTG

DTG printing or "Direct To Garment" is a modern method of direct decoration of fabrics and clothes. The DTG technique allows you to apply any graphics on cotton fabric or cotton with an admixture of elastane / viscose. Graphics are created using a special printer. Printing with the DTG technique enables the perfect reproduction of colors together with color transitions. Printing is possible without the need to prepare a design from just one piece.
The durability of DTG printing depends on several elements. First of all, on the model and parameters of the equipment - the newer the equipment, the better the quality and performance. Another factor influencing durability are the types of paints used, the fabric on which the print is made and the skills of the worker.

DTG printing, thanks to its innovation, can be used both for mass production and for production from one piece. This enables test prints before starting the entire series. It is also a great option for personalized birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts. For companies, it is also a convenient solution if we want each employee to have their name or job title on their clothes. The same applies to clothing, e.g. for sports club clothing, where different numbers are printed on the shirts or shorts.

New printer Brother DTXpro Bulk, with which we have expanded our machine park, is a flexible and extremely versatile model. Thanks to it, you can expand your warehouse with personalized products such as T-shirts for everyone with his name, job title, advertising bagsand even shoes with your own artwork on mass scale and limited series.

We often wonder about a unique gift for loved ones on the occasion of Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day or birthday. We want our gift to stand out and stay for a long time
in order to make it happen, it is worth thinking about a personalized gift, often the practical ones not only evoke pleasant memories, but also serve for a long time.

DTG printing on clothing

DTG printing does not require project preparation which is one of its main advantages (as is the case with screen printing or computer embroidery). It is possible to print graphics or inscriptions from just one piece, also printing a photo is real and especially popular in the case of gifts, but it is important that the photo is in the highest resolution. DTG print is eagerly chosen by advertising agencies because it is characterized by low cost and durability, which is especially important when organizing clothing or textiles for various events or as prizes for competitions.

we invite you to kontact with our service shopwho will be happy to answer your questions and make a free marking valuation.