Freezer footwear

Freezer footwear for extreme conditions

In section clothing for freezers and cold stores there is a freezer footwear category. IN footwear category we also offer insulated thermal socks designed to work in low temperatures. Strong shoes, reinforced seams and additional gluing are a guarantee of safety and comfort. The shoes not only have features adapted to work in freezers and cold rooms, but also look modern.

Freezer footwear

BERING BIS cold store boots

High quality for comfort and safety

The feet are one of the parts of the body that are most prone to cooling down, which is why it is so important to protect them properly for all those who work for many hours every day in rooms where temperatures drop down to -45 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the convenience and comfort, properly selected size, shoes must provide effective protection against frost. With this in mind, we made sure that various models appeared in the offer.

The offer includes waterproof cold store shoes made of cowhide leather such as BCW insulated boots, insulated boots BCU. We also have waterproof cold store boots BERGIN BIS made of a mixture of PU resistant to low temperatures up to - 30 degrees. The most expensive models are Rockfall shoes.

Footwear Rockfall Alaska Coldstore they provide protection against falls down to -40 degrees, they are made of high-quality grain leather, which is breathable and waterproof. Additionally, they have a Thinsulate® B600 thermal sole, which provides the highest thermal insulation and freedom of wearing.

Rockfall products are available to order within 7 working days, as they are shipped from our warehouse in England.

Coldstore freezer and cold store footwear -40 ° C protection

ROCKFALL Alaska COLDSTORE cold store footwear protection down to -40 ° C

In addition to footwear useful for work, we also offer insulated socks, depending on the model made of wool, nylon or thermal knitted fabric. The wide availability of sizes allows you to choose a product for both women and men.

The offer of cold store clothing includes products for the full set of clothing for the employee. There are also tabs in the store trousers, jackets, gloves i overalls for cold stores and freezers.