Each employee should present himself neatly, because he is the one who acts on behalf of the company and is its representative. Shirts is often an inseparable element of the outfit of office work, at customer service points, at the reception desk, but not only because they are used in many positions
in various industries.

It is high-quality clothing from Polish and foreign producers. The materials are pleasant to the touch, solidly sewn, which ensures their durability. All this so that the shirts can be used in everyday work for a long time, which is associated with frequent washing, but the manufacturers also took into account. If the user follows the recommendations that are written on the tags, the shirt will serve him for many months.

Shirts with the possibility of any embroidery

Timeless design

In our store can be found work shirts and shirts classic, elegant models.

There are a timeless piece of clothing, everyone should have at least one good quality shirt. They are distinguished by elegance and fit virtually every occasion. So you can combine them both in an elegant and less formal combination. Their precision of execution deserves special attention, because the smallest details have been refined to the maximum, which will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Shirts are available in two versions - with short and long sleeves.

Fall and winter work shirts

Shirts working Autumn and winter are distinguished primarily by excellent protection against low temperatures and wind. Shirts come in different variants, they also come with an additional, thick one warming.

Thanks to these features, it can be worn interchangeably with  fleece. Thermal comfort translates into better well-being, which in turn affects the employee's better efficiency.

All shirts are made of high quality materials. Of course, in the case of warmer working conditions in changing weather conditions, the shirt can be worn unbuttoned T-shirt underneath. Tightly sewn buttons minimize the chance of accidental detachment. By investing in good quality products, refined in detail, you can be sure that it is a purchase for more than one season.

They are very popular flannel shirts, soft and flexible. A great advantage is their cut, which does not cause discomfort at work, and thanks to the insulation, it does not require additional layers.

REIS flannel insulated shirt

REIS flannel insulated shirt

Business elegance

Elegant shirts departure and service are a mix of classic design and enhanced durability. The models that you can find in our store come from reputable manufacturers who pay the utmost attention to details and sewing methods. Impressive aesthetics will favorably translate into staff and brand reception.

It is important to choose the right size because a wrong size can emphasize the disadvantages and generally act against it. It is also worth paying attention to the grammage, thinner ones are recommended for summer, and thicker ones are treated as more universal - they work well all year round. Taking care of the offered shirts is quite easy, just follow the recommendations on the label, which do not differ from the standard care recommendations for this type of product.

Most shirts, both elegant and work shirts, can be individually marked computer embroidery. We have our own machine park, so we can advise you on how to best perform the marking, where to place the logo and help in choosing the dimensions of the embroidery.

Computer embroidery on textiles

Computer embroidery on textiles