Rain clothing

Rain clothingthat we offer you in our shop was made of high-quality certified materials that meet strict norms and standards. It is one of the types of clothing that is very popular in the autumn and winter period, next to warm fleece and comfortable sweatshirts.

Certified rainwear

Rainwear has been divided into several categories to facilitate the search. The assortment we offer can be used in many industries. A large selection and competitive prices will certainly allow you to find the right product.

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Rainwear with reflectors

A wide range of models for every season and industry

Rainwear is water-resistant thanks to special inner layers that have been designed to keep the user comfortable and comfortable.

We offer: sets, coats, jackets, pants, ponchos. The most popular are sets that facilitate the selection by releasing the need to select individual elements. We offer a wide range of sizes, as well as universal size clothing.


Sets made of flexible materials. The sets consist of, among others from dungarees and jackets. They provide full protection against moisture - it is retained on the outer layers, and additional elements such as zipped pockets help protect hidden items from getting wet. Rain suits allow free air flow, which is needed to minimize the risk of excessive sweating.


Coats raincoats provide perfect protection against getting wet thanks to the use of high-class materials. The use of these materials translates into exceptional durability and high resistance to damage. The offer includes many models - from thin ones for a few zlotys to more expensive and stronger ones with cuffs, more resistant to deformation.

Yellow raincoat

Jackets raincoats is a department with a range of products from the best producers for those people who focus on endurance and intensive use. The jackets meet numerous standards, some models are equipped with reflective elements improving visibility and safety. Particularly noteworthy are flexible models that provide full comfort in conditions of special physical activity.

Green rain jacket

Protection against external factors

Working rainwear, which you will find in our store, provides great protection against rain or wind. Its great advantage is the comfort of use, which does not restrict freedom of movement. The appropriate size allows for trouble-free movements during work or other activity. It is also worth paying attention to the optimal durability and resistance to damage. The production of clothes by companies specializing in the implementation of specialized workwear requirements ensures proper air flow reducing the risk of sweating. Thanks to these properties, the frequency of purchasing new clothes is minimized.