Aprons for work is a product tailored to activities in various industries. It is used to protect clothing against dirt or injuries. Their sizes are universal, but they can be adjusted with straps.

In addition to reusable products, we also have disposable aprons packed in 10 or 100 pieces, especially used in gastronomy. In the store you will find models made of various types of materials such as heavyweight cotton, polyester, rubber, polypropylene and others, depending on the destination.

The materials used are of high quality and have additional properties in the case of specialist aprons. A large part of it was made of easily washable materials. We supply, among others, the cosmetics, catering and slaughterhouses.

We also offer aprons in the section of workwear with aprons Children for young lovers of culinary experiments.

The offer of work aprons includes:

  • for gastronomy and SPA,
  • anti-cut,
  • made of polypropylene / PE / PVC / Tyvek,
  • working.


Gastronomy and SPA

The most popular of the offer are aprons protective dedicated to the catering and cosmetics industry. We also offer so-called aprons - short aprons. The clothes are made of cotton and cotton blends and synthetic materials, allowing for easy removal of stains from food or cosmetics, among others. The colors of the fabrics used for the aprons add a neat finish.

In these industries, aesthetics and image are particularly important because employees have a lot of contact with customers - our products will make them feel professional and aesthetic. An additional option embroidery the logo will allow you to stand out from the competition and better stick in the memory of the recipient.

Specialized anti-cut devices

High-quality metal aprons anti-cut are intended mainly for the food industry. They are part of the equipment of an employee who performs work related to the operation of a knife directed towards the body. The aprons are made of high-quality stainless steel and a metal ring system with a diameter of 7 mm, meeting the requirements of EN13998 (level 2). The standard enables use in conditions of special care. The high resistance of this material makes it impossible to puncture the body.

The aprons are suitable for working in the HACCP system. They can be used in the processing of plastics and leather, as well as in the separation of meat from bones. The manufacturer made sure that the apron, despite its material, was as light as possible and did not restrict freedom of movement.

Polypropylene / PE / PVC / TYVEK

Aprons made of polypropylene, PE, PVC and tyvek They are intended for conditions where there are substances that may damage clothing and skin as a result of contact with materials such as chemicals or flammable substances. We offer laboratory aprons made of polypropylene with a collar to protect the neck, as well as models made of microporous PE laminate intended for protection when working with harmful substances.

Among the protective aprons, there are also rubberized PVC aprons, the most suitable for working in a butcher's shop to process meat that does not require a knife pointing towards the body. The tightness that protects the clothes is ensured by a gummed material.

Working aprons

We offer aprons working reputable companies Leber & Hollman and Reis. The models we have on sale are available with long and short sleeves. Aprons made of a mixture of polyester fabrics and heavyweight cotton are recommended for work in the kitchen, where clothing is exposed to heavy and frequent dirt, which in turn requires frequent washing at high temperatures, even up to 95 degrees Celsius, while maintaining the aesthetics of the clothes.

In addition to the kitchen, aprons are perfect for working in a warehouse, in production, assembly or in laboratories. The modern design allows for an attractive appearance, and the precise details will be used for a long time.