Polo shirts

Polo shirts they are very popular among spring and summer collections, not only for private purposes, but also for business and advertising purposes.

Polo shirts can be easily adapted to individual requirements and expectations thanks to the computer embroidery service, which is the most durable and elegant form of marking.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

This is why we create all personalization orders with attention to every detail. We offer not only high quality, but also professional service. Price computer embroideryfor which polo shirts are one of the best fabrics due to their grammage, depends on the complexity of the project and the volume. Nevertheless, the cost of the order can be known from the very beginning on the basis of the received graphic pattern for embroidery.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts - high-class materials

Advertising clothes and textiles must be comfortable, and at the same time convenient, if we want the brand to be identified with quality and professionalism.

Polo shirts available in our shop made of high-quality materials that adapt to the user and allow him freedom of movement.

The aesthetic finish of the materials makes it a garment that will work in many different industries. It looks good in every edition. Halves made of heavyweight fabrics are difficult to damage. Washing them repeatedly does not pose any threat. The clothes retain their properties for a long time, which guarantees the profitability of the purchase. It is an ideal proposition for people who invest their budget wisely.

Polo shirts are eagerly used as clothing for employees, especially in a set, e.g. with items of clothing for colder seasons, such as e.g. fleece, but are also treated as a corporate gadget for customers or contractors.

Their use with embroidery is also applicable during various types of events or as a prize in competitions. It all depends on the concept of the brand. As you can see, this is an accessible way to gain interest and recognition from your audience.

A wide range of models

Among polo shirts there are men's, women's, children's and universal - unisex models.

All models are available in a wide range of colors, thus enabling the selection of a T-shirt to the circumstances and place, which is also a big advantage. Reflective models constitute a special group of products, thanks to which it is possible to increase the level of safety in the workplace.

Our team will be happy to help you choose the right product and personalize it. All prints made in our embroidery house are made on the basis of modern technologies. We have an advanced machine park that provides us with efficient work and high quality for our customers.

The full range of models can be purchased both in our online store www.pm.com.pl or in our shop on Allegro "PRODUCER-BHP". If you want to see the workmanship and get to know our sample embroidery orders, please visit our tab for more company.