Sweatshirts, right next door trousers i T-shirts, are the basic set of employee clothing in many industries. They are also an excellent carrier of advertising a company, club or event, because not only by placing a logo, but also by the color of clothing, they can be identified with the brand. Sweatshirts that provide warmth, allow freedom of movement better than a jacket, and also protect private garments.

Men's sweatshirt with the possibility of any embroideryBOMBER 454 women's sweatshirt with a zipper, red, any logo

Sweatshirts - fashionable go hand in hand with comfort

In our shop you will find a wide selection of advertising sweatshirts for various purposes. The models we offer are made of high-quality materials that guarantee a long product life.

Thanks to their properties, sweatshirts protect the body very well in various weather conditions. The variety of models allows them to be used in all seasons throughout the year. Depending on the weather or working conditions, you can choose from warm, winter and thinner summer versions, as well as slightly insulated spring and autumn jumpers.

Comfort and functionality

We know perfectly well that our clients have different purchasing needs resulting not only from working conditions, but also from individual preferences. Knowing this, we made sure that the sweatshirts offered in our assortment had features that protect against dirt, warnings or protect against harmful chemical substances.

Adler 4V6 unisex yellow reflective sweatshirtsMen's navy blue sweatshirts, any print

Comfort, along with functionality, is also very important. That is why many models are equipped with comfortable welts at the waist and at the wrists to ensure maximum thermal insulation and protect the employee's private clothing against damage or dirt. Some of the sweatshirts have sewn-in special elements that increase the mechanical resistance of the materials in places most exposed to damage due to increased use (e.g. elbows).

Personalization for greater prestige

Many companies appreciate it individuality and personalization, especially if employees play a representative role in contacts with potential contractors and customers. Following this lead, it is worth choosing a high-quality marking method that will be resistant to damage, abrasion and washing at high temperatures. That is why we recommend it for a durable and elegant personalization computer embroidery.

Sweatshirts with the possibility of computer embroidery

Computer embroidery on clothing

It is for this reason that printed clothing is a popular element of clothing for various types of outdoor events, representative stands, conferences and training sessions. Clothing in the colors of the company or club with personalization has a positive effect on the brand image and increases its prestige.

We offer sweatshirts from companies such as Reis, Leber & Hollman, Stedman, LH-Scot and Adler. The sale includes: fleece, work sweatshirts, polypropylene sweatshirts, warning sweatshirts, sweaters.

We are at your disposal in the selection and personalization of products. We have an advanced machine park that provides us with efficient work and high quality for our customers. The full range of models can be purchased both in our online store www.pm.com.pl or in our shop on Allegro "PRODUCER-BHP". If you want to see our sample embroidery orders, please visit the tab about company.