Caps and helmets

Hats and muscles are part of the equipment BHP required at workplaces increased risk. They are life and health protection.

Products available at are delivered by reputable manufacturers. A wide range allows you to easily choose something suitable for the job. We make sure to regularly enrich our offer with new products.

Our offer we have expanded with balaclavas especially useful in winter, chimney scarves, chef's hats, face shields, mesh caps for the food industry and others. Thanks to the constant cooperation with producers and a high volume of orders, we are able to offer attractive prices and a wide selection, and additional discounts for regular customers.

                                                        Safety helmet, safety helmet

Helmets for comfort and safety

Helmets can be adapted to your needs as they have adjustment elements that allow you to adjust them to your needs. Such flexibility of helmets translates into comfort and safety.

Poorly fitted helmets, in the moment of an impact, e.g. from above, can easily slide down, exposing the head to serious injuries. We offer many models in various colors. The materials from which the helmets are made are resistant to the negative effects of external factors, and no toxic compounds were used to make them.

Protective caps for every season

In our store, we offer solidly made and pleasant to wear protective caps in different thicknesses suitable for different seasons. In the spring and summer season, we recommend light caps that effectively protect against intense sun rays.

In winter, especially in extremely low temperatures, insulated hats are perfect as they effectively insulate the heat of the head. We recommend them best to people who work outside in difficult weather conditions. We have women's and men's models to choose from, which facilitates the selection of products.

For those who are looking for light protective helmets resembling a cap with a visor, we have a choice of models from JSP and REIS manufacturers.
So light helmets provide basic protection against impacts against hard objects. In the middle there is an insert made of HDPE or ABS plastic with a shock absorption system, additionally lined with material for increased comfort.
Hats they have ventilation holes, adjustment straps, and internal pockets allow you to remove the stiffener, thus allowing you to wash the cap or perform marking computer embroidery.

Light safety helmet, reinforced with embroidery

Reis insulated hat