Towels / bathrobes

Towels and bathrobes advertising materials are an ideal advertising medium. The right quality textiles, durable and elegant logos can be the perfect showcase of the company. Most often found in hotels, recreation centers, spas, boarding houses and many other places, they definitely increase the company's prestige.

High-class textiles with marking will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers. At the same time, they will stand out from the competition with increased durability and reduced susceptibility to damage.

Hotel and SPA textiles with embroidery

Pleasant to touch materials

The materials from which the towels and bathrobes were made are soft to the touch and delicate even for sensitive skin. Thanks to the comfort they provide to its users, they positively influence the perception of the company.

In addition, if guests are allowed to purchase such a towel with labeling, the chance of a return visit to the customer increases due to its retention in the brand memory when using a towel or other textiles. Such practical gadgets are always appreciated, and on the other hand, they build the brand's position on the market.

Towels with the option of a hotel logo

It is worth paying attention to towels made of quick-drying materials, which reduce the risk of moisture, and thus - an unpleasant smell. Textiles in our store are adapted to frequent use and washing at high temperatures.

A practical and effective showcase of the company

Markings made on hotel and gastronomic textiles look very impressive, thus catching the eye of the surroundings. This is a unique opportunity for those who expect an attractive image. We have our own machine park equipped with only high-class devices.

Having these possibilities at our disposal, we are able to obtain the marking effect with special perfection in every detail. We offer various methods markings, except especially recommended computer embroidery for thicker fabrics, we also do screen printing and sublimation.

computer embroidery

Towels z embroidery it is also a great gift idea. Such a personalized, elegant, but also practical gift will please every recipient. Decorated with an original pattern, the logo will leave a pleasant memory for a long time.

Everyone uses towels, they are essential in everyday life, so the person who receives them will definitely use them. It is a great surprise, regardless of the season or occasion, it can be a gift for relatives, clients or contractors.

Each company can also use such labeled towels as prizes in competitions in social media - it is one of the most effective and cost-competitive forms of advertising.

computer embroidery

Computer embroidery on textiles