Protective clothing (sets)

Protective clothing are designed to ensure safety during work. They are also a requirement of health and safety regulations. The use of materials to make such a collection requires specialized fabrics due to their specific conditions of use.

In the offer of our store, as part of protective clothing, you can buy protective masks, helmets, acid-proof clothing (for people working with strong chemicals) and clothes for woodcutters (pants and masks).

Protective clothing

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, protective clothing is resistant to damage, the harmful effects of factors related to the work performed, and is also highly resistant to frequent cleaning or washing. Protective kits are made of materials tailored to their intended use, all to ensure the user's safety. The wide possibility of adjusting the clothes ensures that it will be suitable for many types of figures and for people of different height.

Protective clothing for protection and comfort of work

Clothes made of PVC fabric (acid-protective) are resistant to chemicals. It is intended for use in areas where there is a risk of contact with substances such as acids, bases and hydroxides. Protective clothing offered in our store meets the requirements of EN13688, EN14605. In protective clothing, we also offer chainsaw clothing (trousers) for the chainsaw. The outfit consisting of a jacket and trousers has numerous details to maintain the highest safety standards. The set is recommended for woodcutters or chainsaw operators - meets the requirements of EN13688 and EN381-5 (class 2 (trousers)).

Protective clothing

Our assortment consists of modern personal protective clothing made of heavyweight cotton with a mixture of synthetic materials. The specificity of work in many professions and the conditions of their performance meant that the models we offer take into account these requirements, adjusting the parameters to the individual needs of selected professions.

Specialist protective clothing is made of numerous elements that facilitate their use. For comfort, they are equipped with spacious pockets, zippers to facilitate putting on the pants, and reinforced seams to protect against mechanical, chemical and weather factors.

Before you make a purchase from our shop we recommend contacting us to confirm the availability of products with our manufacturer. Our employees are at your disposal for advice on the selection of clothing.