Overalls they are used in many industries, their diversity makes them suitable for various positions, both where disposable sets and plastic ones are recommended.

The suit can be used interchangeably for sweatshirts i trousers. Thanks to it, you can protect the entire body surface and private clothing against harmful substances and dirt.

For convenience and comfort, many manufacturers use additional solutions, such as elements supporting the suit on the hands, preventing it from slipping.

We offer you in our offer insulated overalls, as well as thin summer versions and  specialized protective suits.

The high quality of the materials guarantees a long service life of the suits, as well as adequate air circulation which prevents excessive sweating.

Main reason work suits is to protect clothing against damage or stains, while the purpose of protective clothing protects against chemicals or fire.

We are a distributor of brand coveralls 3M, Dupont, Leber & Hollman, Reis and Resin. Some sets have been enriched with pockets on the knees that allow the installation of knee pads for long work while kneeling. The coveralls are made of reinforced seams in the most sensitive areas.

Summer overalls

Due to the differences in operating temperatures, we offer work overallswhich were made of airy materials that allow freedom of movement, limiting intense sweating during physical work. Such outfits are perfect for work in car workshops, fitters, plumbers and others - wherever there is a high risk of contamination with substances that are difficult to wash off.


In the section of summer suits, there are also dustproof versions, they can be completed with masks or with a helmet. Protective coveralls are made of high-quality textiles that ensure long-term use. For better quality, some models have reinforced seams to protect against tearing and abrasions. We also have models with sewn-in phone pockets.

Winter overalls

Winter work overalls they are an alternative to classic workwear consisting of trousers and fleece. Their advantage is the version that protects against dirt between individual layers. Thanks to the use of an appropriate mixture of materials, it is not too thick, which allows freedom of movement. The winter overalls in our offer were made by the Reis company.


The insulated jumpsuit is made of cotton with an admixture of polyester, which also includes the lining. The back has been enriched with a special rubber for better freedom of movement. These models are most suitable for welders, road builders, fitters and construction workers. Work coveralls are equipped with pockets that allow you to store a phone or small items. Drawstrings at the waist and sleeves prevent pulling up while moving. Some models also have pockets for the pads to reduce pressure when working on the knees.

Non-woven and synthetic coveralls

Specialized protective suits from companies such as 3M or Dupont are designed to protect against harmful factors. The offered costumes are dedicated to, among others. painters, hunters as well as people dealing with strong chemicals. Additionally, for safety, selected suits are available in warning colors. They are designed for people working in public spaces, difficult weather conditions or at night.

Specialized protective suits meet the required standards imposed by the European Union on protective suits. Overalls dedicated to difficult working conditions protect against chemical substances, radioactive materials, dust and radioactive particles. Additional equipment with zippers makes it easier to put on the outfit.

The full range of models can be purchased both in our online store www.pm.com.pl or in our shop on Allegro "PRODUCER-BHP".