Vests and tank tops

Practical and convenient vests is the perfect solution for all seasons. Their versatility allows them to be combined with halves in summer and sweatshirts in the winter. We offer you work vests and warning vests made of high-quality materials.

Sleeveless provide heat insulation, provide freedom of movement, and thanks to practical pockets, they allow you to take the necessary items with you. These practical features make it a garment appreciated by users of many companies and institutions.

Vests with space for any printing

Women's work vest

We offer a wide selection of models from Adler, Stedman, Reis and Leber & Hollman. A wide range of colors, sizes and numerous properties make the use of vests popular as workwear, but also private clothing.

For renovation and construction workers, we recommend vests with numerous pockets, especially useful for storing small items. The clothes retain their durability for a long time thanks to the use of high quality materials.

The products are made, among others made of cotton and polyester, some also have additional adjustments. For people working in dangerous conditions, we offer safety vests in warning colors with reflective elements.

Warning vests

Warning vests these are specialist protective clothing that increases visibility. Additionally, the sewn-in reflective tapes significantly improve visibility in difficult weather conditions. Vests are widely used among manual workers, representatives of road services, but also among sports enthusiasts, participants of the march, tourists and school children and youth.

Our products meet all the required legal standards. When choosing a vest, it is important to properly adjust it to your height, as the reflective stripes should be at the level of car headlights. A bad fit will result in less functionality due to the shift of the reflective elements.

High-visibility reflective vest

The visibility levels of vests are regulated by the EU standard EN 471: 2003, which distinguishes three levels of visibility:

  • 1, with the lowest level of visibility, are used only in road traffic,
  • 2, with medium level of visibility, meeting the requirements of protective clothing,
  • 3, the highest visibility garment with multiple reflective stripes with a minimum width of 5 cm.

In our stores, we offer high-quality second-degree clothing suitable for use at work.


We offer tank tops companies such as Adler and Leber & Hollman.

We offer airy models dedicated mainly to the spring and summer season and insulated models to be used in the autumn and winter season.

Depending on the design, there are versions with numerous pockets to choose from, facilitating the work of, for example, fitters or electricians. Tank tops are perfect for everyday activities, helping to keep warm. Available colors, including camo, allow you to adjust them to the circumstances and individual preferences, e.g. for foresters or fishermen.

The tank tops are made of high-quality materials, mostly with an outer polyester layer that protects against wind or rain. Many models have stand-up collars for better protection against the cold.

Personalization for greater prestige

Many customers appreciate it individuality and personalization, especially if employees perform a representative function in contacts with potential contractors and clients.

computer embroidery

Sleeveless with print are a common choice for marking clothing. With this in mind, consider a high-quality printing method that is resistant to damage, color loss and high temperature wash. That is why we recommend it for solid personalization computer embroidery. We invite you to visit our online store or on Allegro "PRODUCER-BHP".