Pants / Shorts

Pants / Shorts - models for every season

Promotional trousers / shorts they should be both visually and functionally attractive. Clothing that is comfortable to use is an important feature that is behind the choice of a given product. models pants and shorts that we have in the store are made of high-quality materials that allow the skin to breathe and adapt to the user.

The pants are durable and resistant to damage. For those who want to stand out from the competition or personalize pants we recommend the execution ornaments. The prints are made in any designated places, depending on the customer's preferences.


Adler pants with the possibility of any logo, embroidery

The highest level of accuracy

In our store you can buy men's, women's or children's pants, as well as universal men's and children's shorts in many sizes. Shorts are very popular in the spring and summer season, when many teams and teams undertake their outdoor activities. In turn, in the fall, with the beginning of the school year, the season for buying shorts for children begins. They can also be labeled with an individual school or club logo.

We provide individual marking with screen printing or computer embroidery. We make decorations with the greatest care, which is possible thanks to modern machinery. Thanks to the monitoring of embroidery at every stage, the clothing looks effective and professional. Permanent prints are resistant to the negative influence of factors. Pants and shorts keep the colors of the manufacturer as well as the original shape. Clothing can be washed frequently, in accordance with the recommendations on the label - by following them, we can be sure to minimize the risk of damage.


Adler men's / children's shorts, the possibility of any logo, marking

Competitive prices

It is believed that execution advertising clothing it is expensive. However, this is not true. Thanks to the sale of wholesale quantities of clothing, we managed to achieve low production costs. In cooperation with many companies and institutions, as well as extensive experience, we are able to offer reliable cooperation and competitive prices.

In addition, customers who undertake a permanent relationship with us cooperation, may be given individual conditions, and this will result in budget savings. Personalization of pants and shorts is priced individually, depending on the complexity of the graphics and the method of marking.