High-visibility clothing

Odzież ostrzegawcza do pracy i do sportu

Advertising warning clothing is most often dedicated to workplaces and public places. Vests They are also chosen by the organizers of some sports events or by clubs, especially where the place of participation in the event is public space, such as bicycle rallies or marathons for runners.

Odzież ostrzegawcza z logiem jeszcze lepiej pozwoli się wyróżnićNa polarze ostrzegawczym najlepiej prezentuje się haft

In our shop in the bookmark "Advertising clothing - warning clothing”We offer models that have ideal performance parameters, thanks to which they retain their original task for a long time, helping to increase visibility in the evening time thanks to reflective stripes. We use modern technologies to create prints, because we want to ensure, in addition to safety, an attractive appearance, but also increased durability.

Vests for safety

Among the high-visibility clothing, we primarily offer reflective vests not only for adults in unisex versions, but also for children. Available models are both fastened and put on over the head. Due to their light weight, they are easy to use. I can be used for any weather, both summer and winter. Thanks to its properties, the material adapts to the user, which allows them to be easily combined with hoodie, jacket or polo shirt.

Kamizelka ostrzegawcza to element odzieży roboczej

Competitive prices, individual design

One of the biggest advantages is being competitive low price. Implementation of the project and then its production thanks to low prices will be a particularly appropriate answer for those who care about a low price or have a small budget.

Design and sewing advertising warning clothing it does not have to cost a fortune, which is sure to please those on a tight budget.

Possibility of additional marking of clothes with computer embroidery or screen printing will allow individual personalization.

This is particularly important when the user is among representatives of other companies, institutions - e.g. while working on a construction site or in a warehouse where subcontractors of various companies work or during sports events in which many participants representing various organizations participate. The abrasion resistance means that they will remain intact for a long time. Such quality will have a positive impact on brand perception.