Protective masks they can greatly help in preventing the spread of certain infectious diseases of the respiratory system. They are a good shield for our respiratory system. Such a mask, covering the nose and mouth, inhibits access of harmful compounds, but also prevents contaminated hands from touching the face. Even so, wearing a mask does not guarantee protection against infection.

The use of a protective mask should be combined with other measures to prevent infection.

One of the most important rules is compliance hand hygiene and respiratory system, as well as avoiding close contact, it is best to keep a distance of at least one meter from the others. By applying these few simple rules we are greatly helping ourselves to avoid contact with the virus.

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Protective masks are divided into:

  • disposable
  • reusable

Much depends on the material from which they are sewn. A mask as an element of workwear can be part of the necessary everyday clothing of an employee. The ones most commonly found in pharmacies are made of nonwovens, have a straight cut and are easy to put on, but must be discarded after the first use.

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Cotton masks they are so much more practical that it is enough to process them at high temperature to be able to use them again. For this purpose, it is enough to wash at 60 degrees, you can also disinfect them by ironing with the highest power or by boiling in boiling water. Also, disinfecting the mask with preparations made with a minimum of 70% alcohol will be effective. Just spray the mask with the liquid and wait for it to dry.

Despite the widespread opinion about the ineffectiveness of mask protection, it is worth paying attention to the fact that even an imperfect mask can create a protective coat, comparable to the effects of the recommended distance of 2 meters in interpersonal contacts.

How to wear face masks when necessary for many hours?

Unfortunately, for many of us, wearing masks is a bit tedious, especially for several hours a day. You may then feel breathless or drowsy due to less oxygen.

To alleviate the discomfort caused by wearing the mask constantly, you just need to remember the simple rules. First of all, wear a mask only if it is necessary. If we do not have contact with people from the outside and we are not in public places, it is worth downloading it, even for a dozen or so minutes. A short break will allow you to rest and oxygenate.

It is also worth getting a few reusable masks. Statistically, one person buys about 8-10 masks (and buys them when they wear out), so that they can change during the day and wash them - comparable to the way we do with underwear. If we have to be in a closed place, it is also worth opening the window and breathing deeply. We will notice a difference in how you feel every time.


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How can a mask help us in everyday life?

The mask is designed to protect our respiratory system. Despite its increase in popularity caused by the pandemic, it is worth paying attention in which other circumstances its use will also help us protect our health.

For many months we have been regularly receiving information about the current one from the media smog reportfrom which a particular increase in pollution can be seen during the heating season. Its growing concentration is the most dangerous in large agglomerations with a strong intensity of transport and with industrial plants.

With this in mind, residents of the largest cities in the world have been using face masks for a long time. In turn, in the spring and summer period, we are exposed to various types of spraying, where chemical pesticides or protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects are used. Also when doing home cleaning, especially general cleaning with the use of strong detergents, we should use a mask to protect our respiratory tract, so as not to inhale harmful vapors.